This plugin will protect your blog or ecommerce WordPress for life in 171 countries

Why choose Copyright Plugin for WordPress ?
Because we are a specialized company in Copyright Registration and we are legally recognized for registering copyright and store proof of registration. With a network of more than 50 sites worldwide, Copyright has been providing online registration and legal proof for over 100,000 creations, designs, website, contents, and projects, per year.

What’s the legal value of a creative work deposit by this Copyright Plugin ?
Our deposit system of creative work has already proved its efficiency to our many clients who had to appeal to justice.

Each trial has been won thanks to CopyrightWeb,efficient and reliable. We provide a certain date and a certification by a public notary which allows proving the anteriority and the belonging of the creative work.

What contents can I register?

In WordPress plugin you can protect :
–       Your articles
–       Your posts
–       Your medias (images…)

Is there a maximum size for a deposit?

No, it’s depending on your needs, we register and store any file, even if it’s more convenient to limit the size of your deposit for the web transfers.

Does the deposit prevent from counterfeiting your creative work?

Yes, the public notary deposit is a real legal proof that can prove the anteriority of your creative work (thanks to a certain date). It’s essential to register any creative work if you wish to make juridical action against a counterfeiter.

Is my Copyright registration valid abroad?

Yes according to the Bern Convention in 172 countries, the value of a deposit in one of these countries is automatically extended to the other 172 countries.

Do I have a time limitation to the validity of my deposit?

The content copyrighted is valid for life (+70 years after the author’s death). The data storage at our public notary is limited to 30 years but we keep a duplicate registration for life.

Can I modify a deposit content after registration?

A deposit provides a proof of anteriority sealed on your creative work by a certain date and a bailiff deposit on your file to register. That is what makes Copyright efficient and credible. After every update of POST, ARTICLES, IMAGES, the deposit needs to be made again.

What do I have to do if my content is counterfeited?

  1. First of all, check if it’s real copy (and not a simple resumption of some elements that can look like to your creative work) before appealing to justice for counterfeiting.
  2. The copy has to be a published document and that everyone can access: these are the main requirements to claim to be subjected to real harms.
  3. If the copy is actually a published document that everyone can access, you can start legal action.
  4. Send a registered mail to the counterfeiter, the mail must state that the counterfeiter is using private/protected/copyrighted data and must stop immediately the spreading of this information/content; if he refuses, you will have to appeal to justice.
  5. If these requirements are gathered, you can contact us, we will inform you about the way to follow.

Is it necessary to register a new copyright for each update of your content ?

For an optimal protection, it’s better to register each update. In fact, the deposit provides a certain date and then an anteriority proof, but it doesn’t protect data added later.

In a case of a problem or bug, what can I do ?

For any problem concerning the plugin (including bugs) or questions regarding your copyright you can contact the support at : also a number is available on the website (only on working days).

I have an idea to improve the Copyright Plugin what can I do ? You must contact us at this address and explain all that we can do to make your user experience better :